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Our 100% secured clouds-based Shift-Left family-friendly fund USA Gains Fund (USAGF) a Lisaiceland specialty in trading (manual and automated) is our transparent and smartly-designed and deployed social trading platform.

Start small. Grow slowly & incrementally. Be highly consistent.

We do our DIRECT trades processing on our own secured and monitored VPS systems 100% in the cloud in a robust secured environment.



Secured Trading Profits + Social Responsibility 


aibotOur AI self-learning TradeBots perform daily. Great Concept. Awesome trading ttrategies. Designed better. Built to be smarter. Aggressive production execution. Real money LIVE Results.

Continuous development timeline: September 2010 to present.

Tested ever since in the LIVE truly global US$4 Trillion (yes, you read correctly…that’s with a “T” for Trillion) foreign-exchange (FX) trading marketplace. Our automated TradeBots hunt for the highest SIGNAL-to-NOISE ratio calculations, output and science. Laser-focused daily-trading context and stress-tested much earlier (i.e. the “Shift Left” part of the equation) by our well-managed Iterative Agile DevOps development-build-testing-deployment continuous-integration/continuous-development (CI/CD) for our full SDLC lifecycle.

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It’s really hard to always identify what’s the true great and binding fundamentally-correct “signals” and what’s just useless irrelevant “noise” in the trading marketplace.

This is why our TradeBots like other very practical applications tend to favor simpler AI and ML models, since the more complicated a model is the easier it is to fit to noise. We don’t ever want that! Our TradeBots rely on very simple techniques like regression and we whole-heartedly shun complicated techniques, like many machine-learning (ML) algorithms that do over-fitting of data. This is to try to achieve understandable models that have the highest prediction capability for ALL our trades. So far…great results!

We are 100% secured cloud-based. Managed by real humans overseeing AI beauties. Our trading algorithms are scientifically-sound and mathematically-perfected. Plus…we do a huge amount of automated breakneck stress-testing every second of every day with “Real Money Verified Trading”.

AI beauties: love at first trade.

Shift Left Now. Join us in our social copy trading journey.


Lisa KristinardottirWe’re just like you …

… anyone…maybe homemaker with kids, doctor, engineer, student, executive, white-collar …

…all of us investing our hard-earned money online and trading feverishly trying to make money-for-money. It’s hard work and we love it as much as you do.

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